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The newest software of Launch X431 High Quality Fast Shipping 

Engine maintenance is usually the highlight of car maintenance, but maintenance owned maintenance,with natural elements in everyday use, engine warehouse health never got to see.

Some cars are often an open engine hatch, they saw the pavement from dust and everywhere piled a lot of dirt,which not only affects the appearance of the engine compartment, and long, inconvenience and impacts on engine maintenance.So how to remove these dust it regularly?

Launch X431 - Launch X431 Diagun Red Box

Biggest source of pollution comes from the engine compartment dust, sludge.Because the engine compartment below the ventilation and cooling requirements, are not completely closed, but with the outside world, so in case of rain and splashed driving engine or other parts of the engine compartment, or dust scattered over the entire engine compartment.Cleaning inside the engine compartment, usually performed by professional or owner operations can be.

The method can be divided into diesel or kerosene cleaning, high pressure cleaning and high-pressure air gun cleaning.Regardless of which method you use, when cleaning start engine room, engine, all closed, and bring down the temperature in the engine compartment, never wash at high temperature.Currently, high pressure water jet cleaning are used by most people, to avoid the wire harness and engine fuse box water contact.

Cars make our life more and more convenient, but people think automobile beauty and maintenance are very trouble. Actually otherwise, as long as you use the right way and use appropriate Car Diagnostic Parts,not only can save your time, and at the same time also can make your car more beautiful.

Launch X-431 PAD Auto scanner is the newest and first diagnostic products together with the internet. Printer inside, equipped with a Launch DBScar diagnosis connectors .

Launch X-431 PAD Auto scanner support WIFI/3G communication and the Internet to diagnose.Also is a specially designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians. Compact main unit, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update,universal connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. X-431 PAD is the newest equipment for technicians.

Launch X-431 PAD Auto scanner with WIFI/3G Introduction:
1.Launch X-431 PAD Auto scanner
2.Printer insides,DBS cards connectors
3.Bluetooth,support 3G Wifi
4.Auto Diagnostic tool
Launch X431 Diagun Red Box Function:
1.Open automobile diagnosis function
2.Email free update function
3.PDA function
4.Multi-language display function
5.Print function

Launch X431 Diagun Red Box Features:
1.An open diagnostic technology based on LINUX operating system;
2.Get online directly and update conveniently;
3.Information can be shared and brightness can be adjusted;
4.Large LCD touch screen for convenient data input;
5.Interactive and simple operation interface with modern design;
6.With all functions of PDA;
7.Innovative outline.

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