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Launch X431 diagun OBD2 bluetooth connector?with one year free update


X431 diagun OBD2 bluetooth connector for update or replacement use.

X431 diagun OBD2 bluetooth connector , this connector will come with new Serier Number. able to update by launch x431 diagun software update official website. one year free update.

if you have your own Serier Number, you can also tell us, we can revision it to your own serier Number.

due to launch X431 update has region restrict, so when you place order, please confirm with us which region and country you come from. so that we can give the right S/N which fit for your region.

The challenge with Enhanced OBDII can be that it is overwhelming and slow. Knowing how to create custom datalists to display a minimum amount of data on the scan tool will make this less cumbersome. Most, if not all, early communication protocols (before CAN) required the scan tool to request each PID one at a time. Someone in class last night likened this to “12 trips to the store to get a dozen eggs”.
CAN protocols allow for faster retrieval since the scan tool is allowed to retrieve up to six parameters at a time. That means only two trips to the store would be required to retrieve those dozen eggs!

Over time, a technician will learn what he or she likes to see in a datalist. Here’s what I use for most MIL on challenges:
Engine RPM
Calc LoadLTFT
MAP (or MAF if so equipped)
Vehicle SPDBased on what I’m trying to diagnose, and what my freeze frame data can tell me, I may add to this list. My point in sharing this with you is to demonstrate that a technician doesn’t need 200 PIDs in order to diagnose a problem. In my opinion, most of the time, the only PIDs that need to be displayed are those that allow the technician to operate the vehicle in a manner the customer was operating it when the problem occurred, and those that allow the technician to see what the computer is thinking during the occurance. Everything else just slows the scan tool.
Ultimately, diagnosis will be done with a DVOM or labscope and not with the scan tool. The scan tool should be used to support diagnosis, determine what the computer thinks the problem is, and to confirm the repair. This is true whether a technician chooses to utilize Global OBDII or Enhanced launch x431 diagun obd2 scanner.

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