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Launch X-431 Diagun III-RUSSIAN Russian

Launch X-431 Diagun III specially designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians. Make it a Compact main unit, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update.

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Key performance DIAGNOSTIC scan tool? Launch x431 Diagun

1. Compact main unit - a standard diagnostic tool for auto-diagnostic
2. The only cure? Diagnostic tool which can work on two vehicles at the same time
3. Bluetooth technology - the wireless connection. Operating range for Bluetooth - 100 meters can be connected by cable
4. Universal 16? Pin
5. Fully inherited diagnostic capabilities of the X431. Capable of nearly all domestic (Chinese) vehicle makes and Asian, European, American cars.
6. Significantly increased the speed of the software
7. More convenient software update
8. 4.3 inch high luminance, high resolution color touch screen
9. The battery capacity of 1530 mAh
10.? 1GB memory card
11. Standard USB-compatible connector for the printer, external printer support?
12. Full after-sales service

Specifications Launch x431 Diagun:

Operating System: WIN CE 5.0
Processor: 400 MHz ARM9
Memory Card:? 1GB TF-card
Main Unit: Universal poledovatelny port / USB
Energy of the main unit: DC 5 V
Connector? X431 Diagun: DC voltage? 12 V/24 V
Printer Interface: USB
Display screen: 480x272, 4.3-inch LCD touch screen
Battery: 1530 mAh
Bluetooth: theoretically 100m, reliable 15-20m
Interface for updates: USB?


Diagnosable system? Motor scanner? Launch X431 Diagun:?

Engine (Engine - ENG, DME, DDE, CDI, ERE, etc.)

Gearbox with electronic control (Transmission - AT, EGS),

Anti-lock brake system (ABS - ABS),

Restraint system (SRS, AirBag), Air-conditioning and climate control systems (AC / Heater - AAC, Climate? Control),

And immobilizers? Stuff? Anti-theft equipment (Immobilizer - EWS, Keyless Go, Central locking, ATA - Anti-theft alarm system),

Suspension (Airmatic, etc.)

Cruise control (Cruise Control - CC),

Audio and video systems (CD-changer, TV-Tuner, Audio system),

Navigation and communication systems (Display unit, Navigation system, Cellular telephone system, Voice control, INS, etc.)

headlights? (Seat systems, Exterior lighting, Interior lighting), and other

On many brands of car scanner? LAUNCH X431? Diagun? Allowances serve as a dealer diagnostic equipment:

coding control units,


synchronization of the immobilizer and the engine ECU,

calibration of the air suspension (MB),

installation oborotovHH (ME2.0, ME2.1 - MB),

Check and delete keys (VAG, Toyota ..), etc.

Reading and erasing fault codes;

Displaying current system;

Actuator test;

Service reset;

Print the results of diagnostics via built-in mini-printer;

Through the use of touch-screen graphical scanner? LAUNCH X-431? Master? Has a minimum

the number of controls - just two buttons: "Power" and "Hot Key" - on and off the device

and to switch between the scanner mode from other modes (Notebook, Diary, etc.).

Other functions are available through the on-screen menu.

Text entry using the virtual on-screen keyboard or the program

OCR with the letters are written directly on the screen. Graphic screen also allowed

implement additional features.? mode the actual values ??may

map information in digital form and in graph form - to the two parameters


The help function is available in any mode of operation - replaces reading instruction. Ability to work

Imaging allowed to place and visual cues. After selecting a brand diagnosed

the vehicle can be identified typical installation location and shape of the diagnostic connector for this brand


Innovations? Launch X431 Diagun?:

Please note that the X-431 Diagun covers the same car models as regular X-431 and in addition, it has the technology Bluetooth ...

For X-431 Diagun we have 16? Pin universal adapter, which includes OBD II and CAN? BUS II.?

The total weight. (Kg) 1.00, net weight. (Kg) 0.8, as well as the size or or CBM 0.1?

Software from X-431 Diagun is the same as a conventional X-431 and it can be downloaded and updated via the Internet. The term free software updates for one year.

Box? Scanner Launch X-431 Diagun III





PDAs running Windows CE Core 5.0

The connection cable to connect the PDA to the diagnostic connector

Wireless diagnostic adapter with standard diagnostic block 16-pin (similar in functionality Super-16)

Extension cable (for connecting to remote diagnostic connectors)



USB cable to connect to a printer


Cable connection to the computer

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