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Top Selling MB Star Difference between MB Star C3 software and MB Star C4 software



Many times ago, I saw a blog about MB sd connect C4 for benz, the author said he like this tool very much, and make a comparison with mb star c3 for a result that MB Star C4 diagnostic tool is much better than c3, I was not too much attention to it. However, a month ago, i also saw a thread on an auto fourm about obd2 tools, the generl mean about the thread is Mb Star C3 is better C4. i think it's a question, so i want to serach some infos on the internet.


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I serach "what’s the difference between MB Star C3 and MB Star C4" with google, and get some answer. Here i made a discription about C3 C4 and with a share.


Many people on the internet all said the MB Star C3, C4 software is the same, C4 whit SD CONNECT also with this software, and for the hardware, C3,C4 is same function in diagnosing.


For mercedes Benz, Star C3 and Star C3 also can do work, in my opnion,Mb star C4 software work with all the benz and more than C3, but C3 can do benz truck very well, this is advantage for c3.
C4 is much stronger in anti-interrupting ability, when C4 tests cars, it’s hard to influence by the environmenr outside, such as magnetic field,noise. C4 is much smaller in the appearance than C3.


Benz compact 4 SD-Connect is a latest Benz wireless multiplexer. It will connect to the PC by wireless connection.
The biggest difference, i think, is connection wiring mode, C3 need 232 port, but C4 can be used with network port, even wireless.


Also, the price Mb Star C3 and Mb Star C4 is very different, now C3 is the half price fo Mb Star C4 as far as I know. could you some guys add more infos? i want to know more, thanks.


If you want to know more about the  MB Star C3 and MB Star C4  ,you can go to here: there are many hot ones like:Ford VCM IDS.

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