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2013 Best BMW Diagnostic Tool BMW ICOM Diagnostics Tool for BMW

BMW ICOM A+B+C BMW ISIS ISID is BMW OBD complete diagnostic system for programming, diagnosing and coding. BMW OBD II repair tool have full system replace BMW GT1,BMW OPS, BMW OPPS.

The product :

BMW ICOM A: Vehicles with OBD capability (Connect to ISIS/SSS/ISID with LAN or WAN)
BMW ICOM B: For programming with MOST port (Connect to MOST in vehicle / to ICOM-A with USB system
BMW ICOM C: Older model series with diagnosis socket in engine compartment (OBD 2)
Optional Information:
HS Code: 8708 Parts and Accessories of the Motor Vehicles BMW Group ISIS Next Generation Tools 3G 2008
3G Components:
Integrated Service Information Server (I S I S) two servers (one backup) + ISTA
Integrated Service Information Display (ISID) portable tablet device
Integrated Communication Optical Module (ICOM) set of vehicle interface devices-all models
Integrated Measurement Interface Box (IMIB) measurement interface device
Integrated Service Access Point (ISAP) for wireless connection to ISIS

BMW ICOM Software ISTA/D(ISID 2.30) ISTA/P(ISSS 2.46)
Software version: 2011.09

Supports windows XP and windows 7, 64 bit, advice you use windows 7, 64 bit
Laptop computer/Notebook/PC requirements: dual core 2.0 cpu 4G ram 250GB
Desktop computer requirements: interl i3i5cpu 8GRAM 250G 72000RPM HARDDDISK
Available with ISTA/D and ISTA/P
Offline diagnose and coding
ISTA/D version: ISID2.30
ISTA/P version: ISSS 2.46(offline coding)
Run in VWMARE(Virtual Machine)
Available with Language: English
do not support online update
Laptop requirement: dual core 2.0 cpu 4G ram 250GB
Desktop computer requirement: interl i3i5cpu 8GRAM 250G 72000RPM HARDDDISK

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