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The best way to diagnose BMW with BMW ICOM

A software that simulates the existence of ICOM hardware.

BMW ICOM software is a hardware module used to interface between the car port and a diagnostic software like ISTA-D or a programming software like ISTA-P. Originally developed for and used by BMW dealerships, a Chinese clone is nowadays also available for purchase online at a fraction of the cost of the original.(

Since the firmware of the ICOM hardware became widely available online, someone studied and used it as a base for developing a java-based software. When configured, this software inserts itself as a buffer between the logical network interface of the diagnostic/programming software and the physical network interface of the PC hardware, eliminating the need for the hardware. This software is a BMW ICOM emulator.

BMW ICOM Software ISTA/D(ISID 2.28) ISTA/P(ISSS 2.43)
Software version: 2011.09

Notice: It is a complete set BMW ICOM diagnostic machine without laptop. You should to prepare a laptop by yourself to work with BMW ICOM. Following is the laptop configuration required:

1.Supports windows XP and windows 7, 64 bit, advice you use windows 7, 64 bit
2.Laptop computer/Notebook/PC requirements: dual core 2.0 cpu 4G ram 250GB
3.Desktop computer requirements: interl i3i5cpu 8GRAM 250G 72000RPM HARDDDISK

Also please pay attention for follwing notice:
1.Available with ISTA/D and ISTA/P
2.Offline diagnose and coding
3.ISTA/D version: ISID2.28
4.ISTA/P version: ISSS 2.43(offline coding)
5.Run in VWMARE(Virtual Machine)
6.Available with Language: English not support online update

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