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2013 cnautotool Autel MaxiTPMS With High quality+fast shipping

Autel MaxiTPMS and Codereader8 Having said that, not everyone has the possibility to invest into an high priced diagnostic tool, and most of the people would opt for an amateur scanning device which is more cost-effective than the professional car diagnostic tool. Nevertheless, should you choose a much less costly tool, you'll not get to benefit from each of the capabilities of skilled scanners. Also, if you are trying to find a reasonable scan tool, it is best to realize that the most effective are Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 and Codereader8, and although they may be not highly specialized they are going to anyway accomplish quite a few basic tasks after they may be plugged in into the auto OBD port.

Has anyone tried the Autel MaxiTPMS TS501? It sounds like the TS501 allows you to write the information to the ECU, replacing the Autel MaxiTPMS TS301 and the ATEQ tool... but I certainly don't know this to be true.

I believe for earlier model years, the Flat Tire Monitor system may have been as you described. However for E46 330 Models beginning 2003, models that came with the run-flat tire option (and sports package) were introduced with the RDC/TPMS system using individual wheel sensors. This is how a number of TPMS systems work in newer cars today (2007 and newer vehicles sold in the US are now required to have a TPMS diagnostic system).

It's a higher end tool with a screen and it should do good diagnostics, as well as just simply resetting sensors. It says its software is upgradeable, but after a year you apparently have to buy an upgrade subscription. It says it can print out info about the sensors, but that would the type of thing a tire shop would do for a customer to CYA (i.e., do a diagnostic check of sensors before they start working on a tire so they don't get blamed for busting one).

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