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High quality Launch X431 Diagun III With Fast Shipping

launch X431 diagun

How to update launch X431 diagun auto scanner Launch X431 Diagun III Software( )
1. Register a passport
Only after you have registered successfully, you can enjoy a convenient and quick software purchase, download, or online update. To update online and download, you have to register a passport.
Follow the steps described as below to register a passport:
1. Firstly visit
2. Click “Products” and then choose “launch X431 diagun” from the product list
3. Click “Register” to enter registration screen. Fill in registration information (items with * must be filled) and click “Confirm” to submit. The system will immediately feedback a CC number to you.
2. Log in
After you registered successfully, click “User Center” to enter login interface. Input your CC number and password, then click “Login” to enter user center.
3. Register your product
Click “Register product” on user center page to enter product registration screen. The serial No is on the launch X431 diagun. The register password (should be kept confidential) is provided in an envelope delivered with the product. The dealer code is attached on the last page of the user’s manual. After filling the information, click “Submit”.
4. Software Download
Click “Download center” to enter download center page after logging in successfully.

Note: While using Launch X431 Diagun III for the first time or after replacing a new DBScar connector, please set the default Bluetooth and make sure the default Bluetooth is the DBScar connector, otherwise launch X431 diagun will not work properly.

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