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The best time to buy GM Tech 2 with low price

our car in a good condition and even continue life. The same as GM Tech 2 vehicles, to diagnose GM, most people use GM TECH 2. Even I know one user comment like this: it is like my GM car lover, since my GM car has GM Tech 2 , she keeps working well, my wife always makes a joke that GM Tech 2 is my car lover, and say the love is so powerfull.

Q1: How come this device cant reprogram a pcm whether it is the actual factor provided that i am logged on to gm.supplier environment plus the cable and electrical power source is connected to upload the brand new method during the GM Tech 2.can this unit’s softwhere be current by way of gm supplier entire world or do u give us a web internet site to go online to so we will hold it around date.

A1: Thank you to your interested in our item. The GM Tech 2 can not update on line or from gm vendor environment.

GM Tech 2 Scanner main device self test steps:
1. Insert GM Tech 2 32MB cards into the Card slot of Tech2. notice: make sure the right position.
2. Connect self-test adapter with GM Tech 2, and then power on machine
3. button enter main menu of GM Tech 2, then choose F4 button: tool options
4. select F3 button: self-test
5. press "exit" button, and go on
6. choose GM tech 2 self-test, there have many menu option
7. choose Automated VCI menu
8. VCI self-test result Free download the How to self test the main unit of GM tech 2.pdf

To learn tech 2 Scanner manual and other questions, please visit

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