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New version of ECU tuning tool KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Kit

Lately there's a new version of ECU tuning tool for ECU reading and programming. That's KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Kit. And some folks make inquiries about it. As an example, "what ought to we spend focus to utilize this tool?"ask a person. On technician's opinion, please don't use it on line, or it will be broken, and after that it will price 70EUR to repair it. For you will discover additional inquiries, I have concluded some points.

Firstly, about the function of ECM Titanium, essentially, KESS V2 may be employed collectively with ECM Titanium. Then, as towards the difference among KTAG and KESS V2, the latter has the function of OBD, the former not. At final, when "checksum error"shows on screen, what you will need to accomplish is usually to come across the "visual C 2005 library" application and install it.

When I use this KESSV2, do I need to connect the internet or update it before use?
No. When you install the software or use it to program the ECU, please disconnect the internet. After software installation, you can directly use it. If you connect the internet, what will happen? When you install the software or use it with connecting internet, the interface of your computer will prompt you to update the software. If you update it, the software will be broken. Without internet, then it will not have this prompt. Then you will not need to worry about this problem.

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