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The Frequency Question for K-Tag ECU Chip Turning

Q: What is difference between ktag v1.89 and kess v2?
A: They both includes almost the same software, except the kess supports OBD, but ktag doesnt.
kess v2 includes 60 tokens.
ktag includes 500 tokens
The tokens limits difference depends on the device hardware, but not the ksuite software.

Q: The K-TAG v1.89 appears error after updated, how to resolve it?
A: In this case, you have to replace the chip CPU LPC2478FBD208 ( dealer price 20USD) if you don't know how to replace it, please contact our online custom service.
If you have ordered the ktag v1.89 from our website, please don't update the software by yourself, otherwise we will not buy for the damage cost. Please understand.

Q: Can K-TAG ECU Programming update? 
A: For K-tag ECU prog tool we offer to you, please make sure use the software we supply.
And pls don't connect with internet, otherwise the manufacturer will charge the repair fee in case the machine is broken after updated!
Regards to the K-TAG update, the technician tells it is available via Email.
Once we get the update released, we will let you know soon and will also put an notice on our webiste.

Please enter into the below website to find more details about the product K-TAG ECU Chip Turning Program:

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