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The top rated selling around the market ck-100 Auto key programmer

They are ck-100 Auto key programmer and SBB. As to SBB, it supports most of car models PIN reading and crucial match and can match keys devoid of original important in some car. At present, it's the key complete matching tool along with the top rated selling around the market.

It is simple to use CK-100 Auto Key Progarmmer Device ,but when making use of if it fails to adapt key, then disconnected OBD16 adapter and car connection, just after 10 seconds connect again, otherwise automobile immo system may possibly damaged, ck-100 locked.

You were definitely impressed by the SBB Key Programmer if you have ever used it before. But the CK-100 Key Programmer must left you stronger impression after you used it. That’s it, that’s the charm of CK-100.

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