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Launch X431 GDS is a sophisticated and integrated diagnose product

Now so many people own the cars .so now the auto diagnostic tool is more and more popular .Although so many tool could choose .but choose right one is very hard.I will introduce one tool for your reference .that is Launch X431 GDS.Original Launch X431 GDS for Cars Updating by WiFi:Latin American Version only 1098USD.

Launch X431 GDS is a sophisticated and integrated diagnose product with powerful functions developed by LAUNCH. launch GDS scanner tool can access internet with high-speed wireless, update online and obtain related information for implementing two ways of wire and wireless vehicles faulty diagnosis because of adopting Wi-Fi wireless communication technology. Meanwhile, X431 GDS diagnostic scanner is configured with wired network, which make X431 GDS can diagnose vehicle troubleshooting with wired or wireless mode. X431 GDS Tool has functions of diagnose, oscilloscope, ignition, multimeter, browser and battery test and service functions such as wireless LAN. launch GDS supports VGA extending display function. Thus, it has strong practicability and high cost performance, which is helpful assistant for vehicle diagnose and maintenance.

Launch X431 GDS is a new generation high-end integrated diagnostic products from LAUNCH Company, it fully considered of user's operation, usage and senses, develop to multi-function module from single function module, and integrated with Wi-Fi communication technologies to make the products more professional, industrial, modular, network and user-friendly, thereby lead automobile troubleshooting into a diversified network era comprehensively. The main module of this product integrated with display, print and diagnostic, and the remaining function modules are unified form and can be used independently. Users can purchase any functional modules that they actual needed, each functional module can connect and communicate with the main module via the standard USB.

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