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Xprog-M V5.48 is very excellent ECU chip tuning tools

Do you have XPROG-box? Do you need update xprog v5.0 to xprog-5.4.8? Now OBD Diagnostic Center share the tutorial of update xprog from v5.0 to latest v5.4.8 xprog-m without internet, if you have installed old version xprog-m v5.0 software, just uninstall it before install latest XPROG-box V5.48.

As for ECU chip tuning tool,almost people may think of Xprog-M and UPA-USB. Indeed, Xprog-M and UPA-USB both are very excellent ECU chip tuning tools. And in some ways, they also have very similar functions. So what is the difference between them and how to choose?Here to give you the next proposal.

New version is equipped with new characteristics. Now XPROG programmer is updated to XPROG M V5.48. X prog m programmer version V5.48 is new release. maybe somecustomers want to update xprog m V5.0 to x prog m V5.48. Below OBD2Tuning sharing Xprog m v5.0 update to XPROG-box V5.48 guide.

The XPROG-box project is a continuation of the project XPROG and now supports more than 450 units (serial EEPROM`s, Microcontrollers (MCU), Electronics Control Units (ECU), DashBoards, Immobilizers, Calculators and others).

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