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CK-100 is a portable transponder key programming device

Many people well balanced along with distinctive Auto key Programmer supplier, in addition in comparison the cost. In conclusion, many people considered to purchase the Ck-100 from the ck-100 key programmer must left you stronger impression after you used it. That’s it, that’s the charm of CK-100.

CK-100 is a portable transponder key programming device — for programming keys in immobilizer units. This tool connects via the 16-pin OBD-2 diagnostic port in a car (virtually every car has this port) — to carry out a wide range of functions programming new keys.Ck-100 Auto key programmer V39.02 SBB The Latest Generation
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Auto locksmiths are equipped with the most advanced vehicle key and remote programming systems. And among them, there is one powerful and functional key programmer that is ck-100 Auto key programmer. And it enables you to program a new key that matches the original and match the code.

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