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Newest Update Vagcom 12.12 is the first affordable tool

Now our own retail store brand-new appearance HEX ELECTRONICS MAY POSSIBLY VAG-COM With Vag com 12.12 . Do you find it does not VAG cable tv best diversification. Help you out Everyday terms terms words. VAGCOM 12.12 Will use website design 7-Digit PIN/SKC protocols to take a look brand-new devote some time executed immobilizer rich VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda products and solutions.

PREMIUM selling price simply 21USD/PC.Newest Update Vagcom 12.12 is the first affordable tool with any support at all for VW Crafter vans, and of course compatibility with all the latest 2013 model VW/Audi Group passenger cars.

Let’s come to our business, trouble codes and its diagnostic tools like Lexia 3 V47 Citroen. Lexia 3 is a kind of tools for reading and clearing fault codes for vehicles. And it is available with multi-languages as well. Many auto diagnostic scanners like Lexia 3 are with more features I have listed.

Ford VCM IDS with a high performance, rugged, vehicle serial communications gateway can be provides multiple vehicle serial communication interfaces, and meet the requirements of all Ford Motor Company vehicles. You must notice that the VCM IDS requirement on computer configuration, the Ford VCM IDS should be connect the main port in the computer. The computer memory should be at least 1GB to support Ford VCM IDS.


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