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The forward-looking design of PS2 Truck Professional Diagnostic Tool

When you have the powerful PS2 Truck Professional Diagnostic Tool, you will not to buy another one if it is can be updated online. Maximize the use of your resources, is the most sensible choice.Now the XTool PS2 Truck Diagnostic Tool have the new version,today I will show you the related update instruction,maybe it is useful for you.

PS2 Truck Professional Diagnostic Tool is a high-tech and professional car diagnostic tool. Please follow the instruction to use the product. If you have any problems or questions related to the operation, please contact post-sale Technical service department for further instruction.

In the compatible aspect of data agreement, PS2 comprehensively supports all protocols and all modes for the OBD II. The built-in CAN BUS chip supports all CAN BUS agreements. The forward-looking design of PS2 meets the need not only for the present but also for the future automobile main-line examination. The drivers of diagnostic module can be updated through the internet. The formidable compatibility reduces the equipped adapter.
We also provides wireless communication version of PS2 Truck Professional Diagnostic Tool. The servicemen can sits in the office to carry on the functional test. The VAG connector could meet the various requests from customers. All test procedures places on a high-capacity SD card which facilitates the updating procedure. The mulit-language edition will satisfy the demands from our customer around the world.

XTool PS2 Truck Diagnostic Tool Function:
1. Outward appearance, the obverse side and the reverse side
2. the upward-side connection of the mainframe
3. the lower-side connection of the mainframe
4. functions of VCI diagnostic box


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