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Original Launch X431 GDS for Cars Updating by WiFi

With the Original Launch X431 GDS you have OE-level access to American, European and Asian manufacturers od cars and trucks, for read/clear codes, live data graphing and recording, bi-directional testing and module coding. Separate modules for a 4ch. oscilloscope, ignition analyzer, sensor simulator and multimeter are also available.

Adding to the list of new features is a one-button update which allows you to update one or more carlines with the simple push of a button. Gone are the days of waiting for seasonal updates, or for the tool man to load software into your scan tool. The launch GDS allows you to do this right on the fly without having to connect to an external PC.

As standard all launch GDS Smart Packages have full diagnostic functions, internet access for Auto database, immediate email feedback and simple online one click upgrades via either Wi-Fi or LAN.As with many other products available from Launch, the X431 GDS covers vehicles from Alfa Romeo through to VW ? an estimated 98% vehicle parc coverage.

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