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The newest software of Ford VCM II

The Ford I bought 5 years ago now frequently has problems including airbag warning light on, brake wear, filter blocking and so on. With years of good maintenance, it does not have big issues. However, it is now with ages, so I bought a dealer level Ford VCM II to have it repaired.

The initially your personal computer memory should really be a minimum of 1GB, the CPU need at least 1GHz. The operation system should be Windows XP unprofessional edition 32-bit. The Net book is not allowed. You ought to install IDS computer software for Ford and Mazda and JLR sofaware for Jaguar and Land Rover to Neighborhood Driver C. Second, you'll need to install the convert software and follow the instruction. The indicator icons will seem in the bottom right-hand corner on the IDS screen when the Ford VCM II is connected. This car Diagnostic Tool is important for actions that you simply need to have to make confident the USB port of the pc functions and make use of the key port not the auxiliary port.

After in touching with vehicles more, one will love it. Jimmy is an example. Jimmy bought his old car from a second hand store. He would not like it too much in the beginning. He regarded it just a tool. Gradually, he loved it until it is out of work and even bought car diagnostic tool to diagnose it. And to his new car, he attaches more importance on it by buying Ford VCM II covering all new 2013 Ford vehicles.

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