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BMW XICOM Supported bmw 2013.12 Latest version

Why choose BMW XICOM car diagnostic tool from CNAUTOTOOL? When we choose the tools, we will think of price the first .BMW X-ICOM price is $1088 on CNAUTOTOOL.

New Bmw X-iCOM XICOM 2013.12 Special Scan Tool.
The latest BMW diagnostic instrument,it is the All-in-one coverd the functions of BMW icomA2 and BMW X-ICOM.
The latest BMW diagnostic instrument is a newly released special diagnostic instrument, suggests that only need a computer, a mouse, a obd2 attachment.
The latest software and the latest ICOMA2 a complete set of equipment, the latest in one software collection in a body, can be directly hung steering operation, very easy and convenient.
Latest software was in December 2013 epoxy resin, the expert and BMW 4 s store synchronization software hidden function of epoxy resin version can brush a BMW car, modify the E and F chassis, can be single programming.

BMW XICOM Supported bmw 2013.12 Latest version.
BMW XICOM Multi-language, you can freely switch language.


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