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Launch X431 CR-HD capabilities within anti-oil stain

Many of Launch X431 is made for motors. Nonetheless with regard to pickup owers, Release Organization also develope challenging scanner. The initial weighty pickup scanner is actually Launch X431 CR-HD in addition to X431 Instrument also service accomplishing pickup verdict.

Launch X431 CR-HD heavy truck code will be the very first weighty pickup value readership which Release hottest produced. There are involved that essential analysis capabilities regarding not one but two challenging pickup ordinary methodologies (J1939 in addition to J1708), used a couple of. 8" colour LCD by using lovely program, in addition to built with 6PIN in addition to 9PIN additional analysis connectors, that may present finest quality, most efficient, and most expert analysis service with regard to challenging pickup trucks. From right now about, that challenging pickup trucks have their very own small-scale analysis instrument.

Launch X431 is often a car or truck analysis system by using colour tv screen present in addition to Bluetooth technologies with regard to garages especially designed through Release. Launch X431 CR-HD capabilities within anti-oil stain, anti-dust in addition to it’s shakeproof. Cabinet sort by using delamination design in addition to unattached container may greatly enhance usage efficiency considerably. Launch X431 CR-HD heavy truck code may straight end up being incurred in the bottom part program regarding instrument cabinet This specific system materializes humanization in addition to most effective for you a good assistant with regard to garages.

Launch X431 CR-HD Attribute
Learn negligence value
Distinct negligence value
Learn data avenues
Service several ECUs
Service 6PIN, 9PIN, in addition to 16PIN analysis connectors
Service J1939, in addition to J1708 car or truck connection methodologies
By using multi-languages perform (Uk, in addition to People from france, for example. )Launch X431)
By using on-line software package up grade perform (USB2. 0)

Launch X431 CR-HD heavy truck code Specification
Tv screen: a couple of. 8", 262K accurate colour, 320*240 LCD
Enter voltage range: 8~36V
Functioning present: normally <100mA
Regular power usage: <1. 2W
Cable interconnection: 6PIN, 9PIN, 16PIN analysis connector
Environmental heat: 0℃~50℃
Backup heat in addition to dampness: -20℃~70℃@ RH 60%
External measurement: L*W*H=121*82*26mm
Sole system: <500g.

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