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Launch X431 CR-HD Characteristic

Almost all of Launch X431 is for cars and trucks. Nevertheless regarding vehicle owers, Launch Firm likewise develope durable shield. The first large vehicle shield is usually Launch X431 CR-HD as well as X431 Application likewise assistance doing vehicle diagnosis.

Launch X431 CR-HD heavy truck code will be primary large vehicle signal target audience which will Launch most up-to-date created. It has included the actual primary diagnostic features of two durable vehicle standard practices (J1939 as well as J1708), employed 3. 8" coloration LCD together with wonderful user interface, as well as designed with 6PIN as well as 9PIN further diagnostic connectors, which sometimes produce best quality, best, and the majority specialist diagnostic assistance regarding durable trucks. Coming from now at, the actual durable trucks also have their small-scale diagnostic application.

Launch X431 can be a vehicle diagnostic machine together with coloration display screen display as well as Bluetooth technology regarding garages in particular fashioned simply by Launch. Launch X431 CR-HD features with anti-oil dirt, anti-dust as well as it’s shakeproof. Pantry kind together with delamination layout as well as unattached proverbial box can enhance utilization productivity drastically. Launch X431 CR-HD heavy truck code can immediately possibly be charged over the bottom user interface of application pantry This particular machine materializes humanization as well as it's going to be a superb associate regarding garages.

Launch X431 CR-HD Characteristic
Examine mistake signal
Very clear mistake signal
Examine files channels
Assistance numerous ECUs
Assistance 6PIN, 9PIN, as well as 16PIN diagnostic connectors
Assistance J1939, as well as J1708 vehicle verbal exchanges practices
Together with multi-languages job (English, as well as French, and many others. )Launch X431)
Together with on the internet software program enhance job (USB2. 0)

Launch X431 CR-HD heavy truck code Specification
Display screen: 3. 8", 262K true coloration, 320*240 LCD
Insight voltage array: 8~36V
Running present-day: commonly <100mA
Usual electric power utilization: <1. 2W
Wire connection: 6PIN, 9PIN, 16PIN diagnostic connector
The environmental temperatures: 0℃~50℃
Storage space temperatures as well as water: -20℃~70℃@ RH 60%
Exterior element: L*W*H=121*82*26mm
Solo model: <500g.

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