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CK100 V45.09 crash key programmer available for sale

CK100 V45.09

Because you know that will Ck 75 V45. 06 key programmer function prefect. Have to have CK100 crash key programmer brand-new update version. CnAutotool iteration Ck 75 V45. 06 update CK100 V45.09 crash key programmer available for sale.

CK100 crash key programmer has been current to be able to most current 45. 09 version that week. That CK-100 V45.09 is already available on CnAutotool:

Even so, a large number of customers are generally lost about how to apply CK-100 Gadget to make brand-new automobile keys. Using is a simple teaching intended for reference point (its well suited for many version ck100 key programmer):
one. Get ready a couple of keys, one key can start the powerplant, a further key cannot (clear key) along with related cable to the gadget.
only two. Be connected CK100 crash key programmer gadget to the OBD socket.
three. First start up CK 75 pin number computer code gadget.
several. Select automobile style in accordance with CK100 device’s induce.
a few. Insert an integral along with convert the unit.
6. Convert ignition on after that taken away the crucial.
6. Granted to add the clear brand-new key although still left ignition down.
7. Looking ahead to 45 moments (maximum sixty moments) until eventually the safety access system ended up being done.
on the lookout for. Clear key has been stored. Have a shot at the next key as well as the powerplant may be began from the conclusion.

Super VCS Test Video:

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