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Luanch X431 PAD is very easy to operation

Launch PAD is incredibly quick for you to operations, printer manual indoors, DBS cards connectors. help 3G/Wifi connecting. owerful diagnostic options, quick and also handy bring up to date, very easy connectors, allow it to be the best alternative for specialists.

X431 SLEEP PAD Prolonged options can be VGA/HDMI projection, Oscilloscope, Serp ignition study, Sensor simulation and also check, Multimeter, Battery power check, endoscope. Coloring contact monitor, Quick operations. Adequately blended using new age commuication archaeologist, the main car marketing web application for high-end diagnostic items with INTRODUCTION

X431 SLEEP PAD absolutely adapts around the crucial conmunication techniques for instance Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Launch X431 PAD includes effective analysis and also growing functionality with connecting, and also associated objects (Diagun-Bluetooth, GDS-Wifi, and so on. ) possess handed with the small business inspection for 2-3 years.

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