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Ways to join the GS-911 interface for your BMW bike

When your Laptop software package and USB driver are productively put in and tested, you will be willing to make use of your GS-911. Listed here is the way to hook up it in your motorbike.

1.Identify the diagnostic connector.

2.Ensure that your interface is the accurate aspect up along with the connector ring twisted as significantly left as is possible. Be certain the ignition is OFF at this stage as well as the USB cable if possible not connected for the GS-911 at this time.

3.Align the receptacle the right way (together with the purple tab at the base), and insert.

four.Finally, twist the connector ring as far proper as you can, to lock it in place.

5.Hook up the USB cable, if making use of USB.

The technique to disconnect, would be the reverse from the previously mentioned steps.

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