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High quality Cummins INSITE 7.5 INLINE 5 OBD2 diagnostic tool with fast shipping


Now we can use the Komatsu diagnostic cable with the cummins inline 5 to car diagnose tool the komatsu vehicle. In the new cummins inline 5 package, there is a new cable added. The previous komatsu cable is selled seperately, it uses with the Cummins insite software and the inline5 interface, it can not used alone.

To know more about cummins inline 5 tool, here is some description:
Cummins INSITE 7.5 software supplies engine information quickly, getting the inside details you need. No matter what kind of equipment you run, INSITE is the one support product to have in your virtual tool box to fit every Cummins electronic engine.

cummins inline 5 Function:
1.Trip and vehicle information
2.Parameter and feature adjustment
3.Accurate problem diagnosis
4.Complete wiring diagram sand sensor location maps
5.Step-by-step trouble-shooting information
6.Fault tree information
7.Fault code and symptom-based diagnostics
8.Engine diagnostic tests
9.Tools to create templates for a group of vehicles
10.Fleet management/driver reward programs
11.Audit trail information
12.Enhanced ECM security

Cummins INSITE 7.5 is offered in four functional levels: Basic, LITE, RSGR and Pro, ranging from a read only access level to full-function access and capability for the service professional. TOP Authority for FREE

cummins inline 5 insite 7.5 Specification:
1.Supports SAE J1708/J1587 and J1939/CAN data links
2.Supports USB full speed port at up to 2M baud rate
3.Supports RS-232 PC/PDA serial port at up to 115.2k baud rate
4.Is fully compliant with TMC's RP1210 standard
5.Small enough to fit in pocket
6.Aluminum housing provides ruggedness
7.Derives 8 V to 50 V DC power from vehicle
8.Includes advanced processor for maximum speed and performance
9.Internal Flash memory allows firmware upgradeability
10.Includes 5 LED to indicate power and USB, RS-232, J1708/J1587, and J1939/CAN communications
11.Rated for -40° to +85° C operating temperature
12.INLINE 5 meets Cummins in-cab environmental test requirements

How to update the cummins inline 5?
The insite software can be updated via CD, now the software version is cummins insite 7.5/7.6.

Want to know more info about Cummins INLINE 5 ? Welcome to:

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2013 Best price Peugeot Lexia 3 Citroen Diagnostic Tool Free Shipping 

Today, I would like to recommend a good diagnostic scanner for Citroen and Peugeot cars,this tool function is very powerful, Peugeot Lexia 3 Citroen with five cables support all from 1995 till present models.Software supported many language.Excellent! Great product, delivery was fast.The price of Peugeot Lexia 3 Citroen with five Cables on CNAUTOTOOL.

Peugeot Lexia 3 Citroen with five Cables Description:

Dealer’s diagnostic scanner for comprehensive diagnosis for Citroen and Peugeot cars. You can do all as an authorized Dealer does. This diagnostics software allows you to perform complete diagnostics of all from 1995 till present models. Diagnostics is performed via OBD II connector (which is located near steering wheel) or via manufacturer-specific connector (only older cars, pre-2001).

Peugeot Lexia 3 Citroen Function:

Unlike other universal car scanner tools which only read fault codes, this software performs nearly ALL the functions like the original dealer diagnostic tool. Our diagnostic interface contains K-Line multiplexor, CAN-BUS interfaces and SAE J1850 bus (both PWM and VPW).
Read identification
Displays complete identification of control unit, e.g. part number, software/hardware version, manufacturer, etc…
Read fault codes
Displays all stored and pending fault codes with complete description (e.g. “Rail pressure – too low pressure”).
Program supports report printing or copy to clipboard.
Clear fault codes
This function clears all stored fault codes and other diagnostic information.
Auto-scan (complete car scan/test)
Detects all ECUs (electronic control units) installed in car and reads all diagnostic fault codes.
Measured Values
Program displays live Data like Engine Speed, Battery voltage, Oxygen Sensor, Coolant Temperature, etc. Values can be displayed in graph, 9 values at once, or full listing (all measured values). Logging to file is also supported, which allows offline analysis.
Actuator test
Actuator test activates particular actuator (e.g. turn on fuel pump, lock/unlock wheel, lock/unlock doors, cut off fuel, etc
Programming functions/Adaptation
This feature is of great importance in all vehicles because systems like Engine control units, Immobilizers, Airbags, Alarms, Body Control Units, and some others, require you to perform reset or programming procedures after car repair is done, or even configuration after replacing broken Control Unit.
Hardware and software requirements
Software requires at least Intel Celeron/Pentium III 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 50MB free HDD space and USB 1.1 port (USB 2.0 recommended) and Microsoft Windows 98 SR2/2000/XP with the latest service pack installed.
If customer requires, we can prepare ready to work PC.

PPO Software supported language:
English, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Arabia, Spanish, Turkish, Danish, Iranian, Greek, Israel, Hungary, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Slovenian, Swedish, Czech, Croatia, Thai.
Lexia Software supported language:
English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Hungary, Greek, Czech.

We also have Peugeot Lexia 3 Citroen With four Cables for sale.The price of Peugeot Lexia 3 Citroen with four Cables on CNAUTOTOOL.

For more information,please click:

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X-100+ Auto Key Programmer Update via Internet 

Recently many clients are interested in X-100+ Auto Key Programmer. Actually it's really a very good key programmer. It supports many vehicles and can work stable. What's more, it can update via internet, which is quite difference from SBB, T300 key programmer. There is S/N and password and dealer code in the main unit, which help you to update on the offical website when there are latest softwares. It's a kind of handheld device for programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles. This scan tool has a simple and robust design, to make your Vehicle service experience much easier!

X-100+ has many advanced features:
1. New keys programming
2. Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory
3. New immobilizer programming
4. New ECU programming
5. New mechanical key number programming
6. Vehicle Identification Number programming
7. Reset ECU&reset immobilizer
8. Easy to operate by the guided menu programming
9. New remote controller programming
10. Immo PINCODE reader
11. Odometer ajustment(Via obd)
12. With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes
13. Upgradeable via web-based download

X-100 plus?Vehicle Coverage:
Asia: Subaru, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubish, Mazda, Lexus, Kia, Infiniti, Hyundai, Honda, Acura
Europe: Seat, Skoda, VW, Porsche, Peugeot, Citroen, Audi
America:GMC, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Cadillac
China: ShangHai GM, YDKia, ZZMazda, ZZNissan, SQYL, Roewe, QNLotus, MG, liuFeng, LiFan
JAC, HuaPu, HNMazda, HaFei, GreatWall, Geely, DFLiuzhou, Chery, ChangHe, ChangFeng,
ChangAn, CASuzuki, CAFord, Brilliance, BJXD, Besrurn
And the more cars’ software will be released in the future.

X-100+ Key Programmer is better than X-100 programmer. X-100 programmer can not update and it can test less vehicles than X-100+. But their prices are the same. So we'd like to recommend you to buy X-100+ from cnautotool. It has one year's warranty. The package includes X-100+ main unit, ObdII-16 connector, Honda-3 connector, Hyundai/Kia-10 connector, Kia-20 connector, Main Cable, TF Card, TF Card Reader and X-100+ user’s manual.


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