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The best time to buy Auto code reader vag405 with low price

Many of us understand 4S service fees are generally a lot far more pricey than any other rapid maintenance work shop or maybe auto repair shop, though the 4S have a number of charges. Such as cost-free auto clean up assistance, each and every time many of us check out repair, 4S will forever take the lead to deliver auto clean up companies. Therefore , you can likewise preserve laundering cost soon after repair. Actually , not only servicing, restoration as well as examination regarding just what, given that the master stated, 4S can provide car wash services.

Free inspection
Another point we often tend to overlook is that it is usually free for just checking without repair, unless the check project needs a big demolition job which may possible charge. Such as the author’s previous car with worn pulleys, 4S charges really are not cheap, three wheel belt bridge probably needs more than 800, while other repair shop just 300 for all set. There are several pulleys, if you go to the other repair shop for just check without repairing, they usually are not happy, but 4S inspection is free. To understand where the failures are, the owner can deal with them easily. But do not say what you really think in the 4S, empathy, 4S can not be happy. If in the warranty period, of course, do not do so, directly claim on it.

To do better on cars, you may need some obd2 scanner and Mileage Programmer, you can find more online. Some hot ones such as:

The MaxScan vag405 code scanner is an OEM level diagnostic scan tool for most VW/AUDIs sold worldwide since 1990 to present INC CAN BUS. Accurate, reliable and easy to use, It can access MOST modules, the MaxScan VAG405 is a time saver and a money maker!
It also doubles up as a Generic OBD2 fault code reader for most other manufacturers.. (Engine DTC Check)

VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 is a good vag diagnostic tool.VAG K+CAN 1.4 can diagnose cars via CAN-und Spezial-Function via K-Line.VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 can also read security code,immobilizer data,VAG MMI TV Activation,read flash memories,etc.

VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 Functions:

- Diagnostic via CAN-und Spezial-Function via K-Line.
- Covers all electronic control units in vehicles (diagnostic addresses from 0×01 to 0×80).This can allow of user to investigate and diagnosis some new units untouchable for remaining diagnostic tools. Functions are under CAN-TP2.0.
- Manual definition of running diagnostic session is not like remaining diagnostic tools always standard diagnostic session 0×89. Function is under CAN-TP2.0.
- Broadcast diagnostic request DTC disable normal communication,clear DTCs,Logistic (transport) mode,xxxxx Functions are under CAN-TP2.0.
- Allows managing of brand new units (and immobilizer units) where is allowed programming of PIN,SKC,BGW,MAC.Functions are under CAN-TP2.0.
- Most of popular diagnostic requests is identifications,coding,adaptations,DTCs and xxxxx Functions are under CAN-TP2.0.

VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 Airbag reset tool:
1C0 909 605 C, 8L0 959 655 A, 1J0 909 609, 6Q0 909 605 C,6Q0 909 605 A, 6Q0
909 605 B, 3B0 959 655 B,1C0 909 605 F, 1C0 909 605 H, 1J0 909 607, 1J0 909
603, 4B0 959 655 C, 4B0 959 655 J, 4D0 959 655 C,8L0 959 655 F8A0 959 655 C,
8A0 959 655 K, 8A0 959 655 K, 4D0 959 655 H, 8D0 959 655 C, 8D0 959 655 L

VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 Diagnostic:
Support all of VW,Audi,Skada vehicles that k cables and CAN Bus
Multifunctional adaptor

VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 Act as the following dongles:
EOBD 1250
EDC16 1244

For more information,please click:

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AUTOCOM CDP PRO Compact Diagnostic Partner Pro for Car & Truck

Autocom New 2013.1 R1 version TCS CDP+have flight function and speaker function,this is the reason people why choose

this TCS CDP+ instead autocom cdp oki. but all other seller in market not with this function, so pls check it before

bought it to avoice waste money.

Software: 2013.01 Version with free activation all the time

Full Translate Language :
English , Cesky, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Greek, Hollands, Hungarian, Italiano, Norsk, Polish,

Romania,Russian, Srpski, Suomen kieli, Svenska, Turkish

TCS PRO+ for Cars & Trucks & Generic 3 in 1 Introduce:

TCS CDP Pro+ is a quick and reliable diagnostic tool serving as a link between vehicle and computer. It works on both

old and new vehicles.

With CARS, you are able to perform brand specific diagnostics for cars and light vans from 1988 onwards. A total of

47 different brands. With TRUCKS software package, you are able to perform brand specific diagnostics for light and

heavy commercial vehicles, buses and trailers from 1995 onwards.

A total of 37 different brands. The diagnostic program GENERIC is designed for the legislation based diagnostics,

specially targeted for emission related fault codes. GENERIC is included in CARS and TRUCKS packages.
Multiplexer function, 2xHS CAN (ISO 11898-2), SW CAN (SAE J2411), K/L (ISO 9141-2), VPW (J1850), PWM (J1850), RS485

(J1708), TTL and (SPI, analog in, 5volt out).

TCS PRO+ Features & Benefits:
Gray interface (new cdp+ quality A)
USB cabl(1.5meter) DVD ( 2012-03 software + keygen in cd)

With the flight recorder function, you can record parameters in real time while you are driving a vehicle. During

recording, you can, with a press of a button, highlight the specific error so that you can investigate the detected

error at a later time. TCS CDP+ is equipped with built-in memory thus removing the need to bring a computer. Memory

cart not include in package .

With the multi colour indicator on TCS CDP+, you have full control of the diagnostic process. Different colors and

sound communicates the status and the placement of the indicator allows you to see it from a far. For example, if the

indicator alternates between blue and green the CDP+ is in communication with the vehicle control unit.

When TCS CDP+ is connected to the vehicle, the unit will check the battery voltage of the vehicle and automatically

adjusts itself to the vehicle’s voltage level of 12 or 24 volts. If the voltage gets too high or too low, CDP+ will

warn you with both sound and light and you will also be alerted through the battery icon in our diagnostic software.

In our CARS software, we have a smart function that allows you to read out the chassis number from the vehicle that

you would like to diagnose. This ensures that the right model and year is selected automatically. In addition, engine

code for vehicles, which are commonly available on the markets, is also selected automatically.

Intelligent System Scan (ISS) scans through all the systems in the vehicle and displays the fault codes that are

stored in each system. This saves time and you get a quick overview of the actual status of the entire vehicle. When

the ISS is complete, you can then select a specific control system to analyse the results further on.

Intelligent System Identification (ISI) identifies and selects automatically the type of controller that is mounted

in the vehicle. This ensures that the diagnostic session is performed correctly with the correct parameters as


Under this function tab, you will be able to see the adaptations and adjustments that are possible for a specific

vehicle without having the vehicle near you. Together with the help texts as a guide, you can plan and be effective

in your work; even under complex situations.

TCS CDP+ is equipped with an unique multiplexer technology, which allows it to be used on all types of vehicles,

regardless of voltage levels and communication standards. For those vehicles that do not use the standard 16-pin

connector, we offer a complete set of certified and customized adapter cables and kits.

For most OBD functions, such as adjustments and programmings, there are detailed instructions and help texts to

assist you in your diagnosis work. You will find step by step information about prerequisites, preparation and

implementation of various functions; making even the most complex function simple to perform.

For most OBD functions, such as adjustments and programmings, there are detailed instructions and help texts to

assist you in your diagnosis work. You will find step by step information about prerequisites, preparation and

implementation of various functions; making even the most complex function simple to perform.

TCS CDP+ is a diagnostic tool used with a PC or Pocket PC and cable for ATcoms powerful CARS Diagnostic software,

making it a powerful and flexible tool for all vehicle shops, fleet owners, vehicle testing, road service, police and

armed forces.

We also have other Autocom product ,such as:Autocom for Car with Full set of Cables,Autocom for Truck with Full set

of Cables,Autocom CDP Plus for Cars Trucks Generic 3 in 1 and so on.

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Hot selling GM Tech2 Diagnostic Tool from cnautotool

We also know GM Tech2 is the best diagnostic tool for GM vehicle, which used to diagnose technical problems with

certain GM vehicles ranging from 1992 to 2010.GM TECH2 includes a 32MB PC Card loaded with the latest release GM


32MB CARD FOR GM TECH2 have six kinds of software, SAAB, OPEL, GM, ISUZU, Suzuki and Holden..So that Customer can

choose one type of software to be loaded to this 32MB Card.

GM TECH2 Software list:

GM-English 32.007 1991-2013
GM-Germany 32.007 1991-2013
GM-Spanish 31.007 1991-2013
GM-French 32.007 1991-2013
GM-Portuguese 32.007 1991-2013

OPEL-English 2010 115.001
OPEL-Italian 133.001 1997-2012
OPEL-Germany 85.001 1997-2008
OPEL-Spanish 91.001 1997-2009

SUZUKI-English 01.210.020

ISUZU-English 107.021 2006-2010

HOLDEN-English  139.000 1999-2012

We also have other GM accessories for sale .Such as :

Main Cable for GM TECH2 US$30.33

OBD2 16PIN Connector for GM TECH2 US$19.00

Candi Interface For Gm US$90.00

GM TECH2 VCI Module US$97.00

For more product information.please click:

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