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CARFANS C800 Maintenance and Warranty



1 Clean

Do not use a cleaning agent with a corrosive function or any rough cloth to clean the Heavy Duty Diagnostic C800 device, only with a soft
cloth and a mild detergent.

2 Maintenance

*   Product should be stored in a flat, dry, the temperature suitable for less dust.
*   Do not put it in direct sunlight or near the heating device.
*   Do not put it near the stove or be susceptible to corrosion or water.
*   Do not disassemble the host privately.
*   If device not use for a long time, please run the CAR FANS C800 host regularly to avoid damp.

2.1 Touch screen maintenance
*   When making touch screen corrections, do not click on the touch screen when the cross cursor is not displayed.
*   Please do not put any foreign body on the touch screen, to avoid the pressure caused by the touch screen inaccurate and internal components damage.
*   Please do not expose the touch screen to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light to extend its service life.
*   Please do not place the product next to the electrical equipment that generates electromagnetic interference, so as not to affect the oscilloscope effect.
*   The LCD screen surface will be attracted to dust due to static electricity, it is recommended to buy liquid crystal display special cleaning agents and cleaning cloth to clean your instrument screen, do not use other chemical
cleaning agent or finger wipe touch screen.

2.2 SD card maintenance
*   Do not unplug the SD card while the host is running. If necessary, unplug the SD card after device shutdown。
*   Do not pull out SD card in the card reader during upgrade, otherwise it will lead to data loss. To properly unplug the SD card as follows: On the Windows desktop, open the “My Computer” window, right click on the “removable disk” in the pop-up menu bar select “pop” item, and then can pull out the SD card.

3 Warranty
This warranty applies only to users and distributors who purchase products through CanFans Formal channels of cooperation。

3.1 Product acceptance
1. When purchasing the product, be sure to open the package check.
2. Please check the quantity carefully according to the packing list. If there is any shortage, error, damage and other unpredictable abnormality, please keep all the documents and notify us immediately. Or as a waiver of the right to claim。

3.2 Product warranty terms
Since the purchase of the product host and accessories within a year, products will be free warranty service. Warranty service is limited to the normal use of the case, due to the product itself, the quality of Car Diagnostic Scanner or manufacturing process defects caused by the failure. Such as improper use of human factors, improper operation, non-company technical personnel or non-authorized maintenance personnel repair, modification or demolition, cleaning caused by failure, due to transport accidents, drop, vibration, natural disasters, storage environment, Improper maintenance and other failures, not the scope of the warranty list. Warranty products must be certified by the company whether it is part of the warranty。 Product warranty procedures If you need to repair the product, please send the product to your local dealer, and attach the form of maintenance equipment (the form can be downloaded from the company website), purchase voucher and warranty card, fill in the following information: company name, contact Peson name, phone number, question description, purchase invoice. Effective purchase certificate is an important warranty service certificate, in order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, please be sure to purchase the dealer to obtain a formal invoice, the invoice should clearly state the product name, model, serial number and date of purchase, and Cover the official seal of the dealer. The invoice and warranty book together, will give you the maintenance and consultation to bring convenience。

3.3 Product after warranty
If product need to repair after warranty, we will be appropriate to receive maintenance costs, freight borne by the user.


PROMO Autel MaxiSys Elite – 2018 Diagnostic Tool

Autel MaxiSYS Elite is the newest scan tool from product MaxiSys line of highly advanced smart diagnostic tools, is based on the fast and intuitive Android operating system. Powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra? 4, the world’s fastest mobile processor, its visually stunning 9.7” Retina display offers ultra-high resolutions up to 2048×1536 and an optimized array of sophisticated and powerful applications.

The MaxiSys Elite rapidly performs every job from comprehensive vehicle diagnostics & analysis to advanced ECU programming. 2x faster than any comparable device, the Autel OBD2 MaxiSys Elite provides extended battery life and intelligent power saving. The MaxiSys Elite offers a super-sensitive capacitive screen able to respond to gloved, moistened, and even greasy fingers! The ergonomically angled docking station provides optimum visibility and convenient charging that eliminates power concerns.

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What problems can OBD2 Scanner Detect


OBD vs. OBD2

ODB scanner is an abbreviation for On Board Diagnostics Scanner. An OBD2 Scanner can read trouble codes that trigger the check engine light. OBD2 scanner tools are the latest industry standard and is incredibly more versatile than its predecessor. In 1988 the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) set a universal connector plug and a universal set of test signals / trouble codes. Unlike a basic scanner, the OBD2 scanner has a greater ability to define trouble codes and provide more accurate diagnosis, along with being able to tune or tweak performance. In 1996 the OBD2 scanner was implemented and became the industry standard.
ODB2 Scanner Basics

An car Repair Software can detect many things that are going on with your vehicle. It read trouble codes produced by your vehicles onboard computer system. The on board computer system monitors your cars emissions, performance, and numerous other functions. Those codes with trigger and illuminate the check engine light; letting the owner know something is wrong and needs to checked out. The codes produced are 5 characters long. Below is the break down of what each character or digit represents.

First character represents the system related to the problem.

B = Body
C = Chassis
P = Powertrain
U = Undefined

The second digit lets you know whether the code is generic or enhanced

0 meaning generic
1 meaning enhanced

The third digit identifies the sub system that the code pertains to.

1 = Emission Management (air or fuel)
2 = Injector Circuit (air or fuel)
3 = Misfire or Ignition
4 = Emission Control
5 = Idle Control & Vehicle Speed
6 = Output Circuit & Computer
7 = Transmission
8 = Transmission
9 = SAE Reserved
0 = SAE Reserved

The forth and fifth digits are variable and related to precise problems.
Example of a Trouble Code

We will use the code P0171 as an example. This code in particular means “System Too Lean” (Bank 1). Possible explanations for this code vary and could mean one or more of the following.

The MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor is dirty or faulty
Note: There is an issue in some vehicles, the MAF sensors leak the silicone potting material used to encase the circuitry. Using “oiled” air filters may cause the MAF to become ineffective if the filter is over-saturated.
There could be a vacuum leak downstream of the MAF sensor
Low fuel pressure (dirty fuel filter/ possible plugged!)
Exhaust leak between the first oxygen sensor and engine
Possible cracked PCV line or vacuum /connection
Plugged or failed/ sticking fuel injector
Faulty or stuck open PCV valve Failed or faulty oxygen sensor (sensor 1, bank 1)

Professional Assistance Suggested

As you can see just having the code won’t do a whole lot if you aren’t familiar with auto repair. Car Diagnostic Scanner are very helping with diagnosing a variety of problems. It can also allow you to perform performance tuning. It is a great multi use tool that is imperative to any good auto repair shop. If you have any questions feel free to comment.