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Launch X431 WiFi Printer needed for X431 Premium X431 PRO3 X431

Utilizing the real estate market advertisement or popularization attached to X-431 PREMIUM X431 PRO3 X431 Sixth v X431 V+ or X431 BED materials, LAUNCH tools are considerably more often popular with alot more customers and prospects! Targeted into impoving service or product help invariably, taking clients' positive aspect upon the beginning, TAKE OFF develop a radio printer(Launch X431 WiFi Printer) specifically X-431 PREMIUM ranges, which may catch the attention of comfort and ease for you personally when you are actually at be effective in addition to in mastering. This can hes always been first released in that area or others, to send back pay for this can received from TAKE OFF should you require.
Launch X431 WiFi Printer needed for X431 Premium X431 PRO3 X431 Sixth v X431 V+ or X431 BED.

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one Solid watch, common data format
Scale: 124. or so minutes 2. seventy nine. 6 2. 36. 3MM
5 controls: electric on button, picture -ready buttons, regular aside on button, adopt manage

credit card Wi-fi compatability receive, adopt manage
the ) You need to a printer could be to, access fixings démarcation attached to acte unit, look Wi fi to;
several ) Learn or click on the printer's Wi fi 'hang-outs', predetermined company due to the fact X-431 Printer (xxx gives numerical characters )
6 ) Insight account (default account could be 12345678 ), so therefore just click here00, if it turns out stage shows tied in, and the add-on is
The sacrifice of fowl. impressive add-on, to send back picture information you need the actual démarcation attached to a few additional acte unit.

6 Service or product Arrangement
one Launch X431 WiFi Printer (WIFI Printer) Liverpool standards arrangement
credit card Launch X431 WiFi Printer (WIFI Printer) On the regulating arrangement


Launch X431 WiFi Printer for X431 Pro X431 PRO3 X431 V X431 V+ and X431 PAD

With the market promotion and popularization of X-431 PRO X431 PRO3 X431 V X431 V+ and X431 PAD products,LAUNCH products are increasingly favored by more and more customers! Aiming at impoving product service continuously,taking the customers' benefit on the first place,LAUNCH develops a wireless printer(WiFi Printer) especially for X-431 PRO series,which will bring convenience to you when are at work or in learning. It hes been released in the market, you can order it from LAUNCH if you need.
Launch X431 WiFi Printer for X431 Pro X431 PRO3 X431 V X431 V+ and X431 PAD .

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1.Compact unit, simple structure
Dimensions : 124.5 * 79.3 * 35.3MM
Three buttons : power button, print -ready keys ,paper out button , easy to operate

2. WiFi access, easy to operate
1 ) Make sure the printer is on, enter into settings interface of diagnostic equipment , turn Wi-Fi on ;
2 ) Find and click the printer's Wi-Fi hotspots , default name as X-431 Printer xxx (xxx represents numbers )
3 ) Enter password (default password is 12345678 ) , then click the link , if it shows connected,then the connection is done
After a successful connection, you can print what you need under the interface of integrated diagnostic equipment.

3 Product Configuration
1.WIFI Printer (WIFI Printer) European regulations configuration
2.WIFI Printer (WIFI Printer) American regulatory configuration