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Launch CRP129 include the Launch CRP123 all of the functions

Recently our company will release one new product.The outlook is not only same with the Launch CRP123 ,but also include the CRP 123 all of the functions.The products is Launch CRP129 ,Now you just need 250USD ,you could get that .

Launch crp129 is in reality a great fantastic thorough rapport product masking essential car or truck models. Intensive conduct involving OBDII/EOBD and even more characteristics of 4 courses are typically the characteristics involving Launch crp 129. Auto rapport apps similar to Launch crp129 are generally works with main auto varieties via North america, Asian kitchenware along with American.

Launch crp 129 is not Launch X431 Creader VIII .Launch CRP 129 will help the technician diagnose issues with engine ,transmission ,SRS and ABS. It will reset DTCs within these systems ,Code Definitions and most likely causes for the codes will also be available form within the tool itself.

The Launch CRP 129 will read and clear DTCs for engine, A/T, SRS and ABS. Additionally, it will also display and graph live PID data for those systems, along with complete OBDII generic functionality. The ability to reset service maintenance lights – both automatically and manually – along with steering angle resets and electronic parking brake release also lend this tool to many applications for today’s technician.