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New Released Mercedes Benz AK500+with EIS SKC Calculator Read Data Quickly

Ak500 key programmer function are powerful, the most import is it has the good function for chip programming and with a 40G hard disk.No need to choose the MCU type of EIS. When load EIS file, recognise EIS file, and generate key file. Mercedes Benz AK500 price is US$ 448.00 at CnAutotool.

Mercedes Benz Ak500+ is a new born Benz key programmer. It is building upon its successful predecessor AK500. Expect keeping the advantages of the predecessor, the new MB AK 500+ adds more functions and improves the performance by a large margin. It becomes more useful and easier operation to auto repairers.

Now we know AK500 Pro is a high degree of intelligence to realize the Automatic programming function. But do you know how Mercedes Benz AK500 Works? AK500 Key Programmer is a carefully designed multi-purpose vehicle intelligent programming system that can adapt to a very good variety of programming environments.

Q: What is AK500 moveable Hard Disk used for?
A: It is used when generating key data. If you have SKC the moveable Hard Disk won’t be used, otherwise it will be used.