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Recommend a diagnostic tool Nissan Consult 3

I have bought one on the This tool accurate and speedy diagnosis of a vehicle’s problem has become increasingly complicated as more sophisticated electronic hardware is fitted in vehicles, it can save me more time.

Why to choose this nissan consult iii ? Because the Nissan Consult 3 is specifically designed to address these complex and advanced in-vehicle electronic devices, enabling accurate diagnosis and repairs and shortening waiting times for customers. It works for all Nissan car to 2012.It works with obd-16 connector for the new kind of car, work with 14 pin connector for the old kind of car. It is possible to check the condition of the vehicle from either inside or outside the vehicle.It can support Nissan electro mobiles such as Leaf and all Renault.This obd2 tool equipped with various function including simultaneous self-diagnosis of an entire system or data recorder.

I am quite satisfied with this Auto Diagnostic Tool features, so I sharing it to everyone.I am sure you will like it as like me.