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What the difference between Mb Star C3 and MB Star C4

Mb Star C3 would be the expert diagnostic tool for Benz automobiles. The newest computer software version 2013.09 supports all the Benz cars including autobus truck, saloon auto, sports automobile, wise auto and so on from 1989 as much as now.New Mercedes Benz Star C3 is a professional and good diagnostic tool especially for Mercedes Benz cars and trucks.

Customers always ask me what the difference between Mb Star C3 and MB Star C4. Today I would like to share with you some information of differences between mb star c3 and mb star c4.

Different Star diagnosis compact 3 with different software. Main unit Multiplexer of MB STAR C3 is only main unit without cables. MB Star c3 fit all computer with all computer HDD and the software is March, 2010, with multi-language, and the July, 2010 version only English language. MB star c3 Fit IBM t30 with t30 HDD, and the software is 09, 2013 version. The software of the super Star C3 and best quality Star diagnosis compact 3 are 09, 2013 version.